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If you aren’t an engineer or a developer, concepts like front end vs. back end development can be pretty challenging. Just wrapping your head around things like frame works, programming languages; it can all get pretty confusing and fast.

Professional or New To The Industry?

The good news? It doesn’t matter what position you hold or the knowledge you have surrounding backend development because with the help of Nerd IT, if you have the backend developer jobs available, then we have the candidates to fill those roles; but first things first, let’s first look at just what a backend developer is and what’s required within the role?

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Well, backend developers predominantly develop and maintain the core function and operations of a software application. They’ll typically possess excellent programming skills in C++, C#, Java and a myriad of other high-level programming languages. Their key role is to ensure the data and of course the services requested by the front-end system are delivered via programmatic means with back-end developers creating and maintaining the entire back-end of the system.

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From core application logic to databases, the data itself and of course things like the application integration. From testing to debugging, the role of a backend developer is indeed varied and as such, takes a certain someone to really fill the role. As you can imagine, being able to recognise this puts Nerd IT at a real advantage when it comes to selecting the best candidate for the best backend developer jobs out there.

Here at Nerd IT, we have a variety of employers approach us, in search of the perfect candidate and filling the role of a backend developer is one that requires a certain knowledge. Such a position requires a real special candidate in order to fill the role, which is why at Nerd IT, we like to go that one extra step and not only get to know the employer and the role they’re offering, but our candidates too. We want to know just how in-depth your knowledge of Java script is. We want to know more about your programming skills, how you like to work and what makes you tick.

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Finding these things out will not only allow us to match you with the correct level of role but with the correct company that’ll provide an environment in which you’ll thrive. So whether you’re looking for backend developer jobs here in the UK or beyond, contact us today at Nerd IT and we’ll be in touch shortly, ready to help you take that next step on your career ladder.