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Any website is created using a number of different layers, from structure to data, design and of course content and functionality. Creating this “functionality”, basically the environment in which everything the user sees and touches, is the job of someone known as a frontend developer.

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The frontend developer creates interaction and something known more commonly as the user experience. This is done using scripts embedded into a website’s HTML. Everything a visitor to your website sees, uses or even clicks on in order to gain information is the result of work from a frontend developer creating what’s known as “client-side” software. In other words, the work of a frontend developer could almost be known as bringing a website to life.

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A truly gifted frontend developer requires not only a great ability with technology but a creative side too in order to really envisage just what they’re creating. Creating that bridge between the designer and the backend developer, those at the frontend must display both creativity and tech-savvy. As you can see, this role isn’t for the faint hearted and takes a very special someone. Knowing this means we’re able to source the perfect candidate for all frontend developer jobs we have available.

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Here at Nerd IT, we know the importance of the frontend developer, their effect on the user experience and their importance within the entire chain. We also know the difference between the frontend developer and the backend developer.

The frontend developer and the SEO expert and as such, we know in order to fill a frontend developer position, we need to find someone with certain qualities; the question is however, do you have those qualities? Are you looking to find a position in which you create the perfect user experience? Do you know your HTML from your Java Script? Are you looking to get to work with some “client-side” software? Then we may have the perfect position for you.

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You’ll be pleased to know that at Nerd IT we don’t simply place any frontend developer in any frontend developer job. We look at the company offering the position and get to know the type of person they enjoy working with. We then very carefully select the perfect person for that role within that company. Being so select about things means our success rate is one of the highest in the country and we couldn’t be more proud. For more information, on our available frontend developer jobs available, simply contact us today via info@simonb71.sg-host.com.