Specialist Computer Consultants

Here at Nerd IT, we provide a premium IT Consulting service. We firmly believe that a company’s technology organisation should support its own business strategy. Our focus therefore, first and foremost is on the strategic needs of our clients and their business. To decipher the technology capabilities that are actually needed to support their long-term goals.

Leading IT Solutions Company 

We aim to help companies, from start-ups to long established multi-national corporations, address their technology related decisions confidently. Ensuring their IT organisation and platforms are agile and effective enough to carry out the job intended.

Over the years, Nerd have completed more engagements than we can count over a vast spectrum of industries and technologies. We continually draw on our global experience in order to help solve some of the most complex challenges, including building businesses within the digital age.

It’s this great spectrum of clients that’s lead us to become one of the UK’s go-to IT consulting companies. Our IT consulting specialists are trusted, certified software consultants and business analysts.

Dedicated Tech Consultants

They’ll partner you with the best design, developments and implement the correct software solutions that will not only optimise your business productivity and operational efficiency but your profitability too.

From enterprise solutions to application development services, mobile development and software application along with testing services and design services; we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure no stone is left unturned and every challenge is not only fought head on, but overcome and an efficient solution provided.

Managed IT Service

When it comes to your business, choosing the right software solution is an incredibly significant moment. It’s therefore hugely important when developing said software that you find not only the right lead but the correct partner who’ll take care of your company as if it were your own and that’s exactly where our IT consultants come in.

We’ll find the most accurate solution possible, whether that’s custom made or not. Nerd offer IT Consultancy in Manchester and we also offer IT Consultancy in London, please enquire online for more information.