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Here at Nerd IT, we’ve found quite the rise when it comes to IT jobs in Berlin but with Germany being known as one of the centres of the creative economy, is it any wonder? In Berlin, the media creative industries are now accounting for a whopping 37,000 registered companies, of which employ a huge 300,000 workers. If that’s not impressive enough, these 300,000 workers are producing an annual turnover of around 30 billion euros. From television to film, telecommunications to internet and even advertising, the IT sector in Berlin is huge and constantly growing we might add.

IT Recruitment In Germany

Still don’t believe us? Then let’s put things into perspective shall we? Berlin is the start-up metropolis for web content, games, social media, mobile and IT itself. The information and comms technology industry even considers Berlin to be one of the foundation test markets when it comes to new developments thanks to the region having one of the largest fibre-optic networks in Europe. Now if that doesn’t show the dominance of the IT industry within Berlin, we’re not quite sure what does.

Nerd IT For IT Jobs In Berlin

Here at Nerd IT, despite being based in the UK, we recognise the importance of the IT industry globally and with information technology having such a dominant presence in Berlin, it’s only natural that we’d stay connected. It’s for this reason that we’re able to offer our clients such a selection of IT jobs in Berlin; after all when you’ve studied for as long as you have, who wouldn’t want to be at one of the most central regions for that industry?

Find The Perfect IT Job

To ensure the perfect match, here at Nerd IT, we not only focus on our job seekers themselves, looking at their abilities, wants and of course needs, but we take the time to focus on those offering the jobs too. We look at their past history as an employer.

We look at the employees they already have, looking at whose thrived in their environment and even who hasn’t. We look at the role on offer, what it requires and more importantly, whom it requires. We then work our way through each individual that we represent and find the best match for the role on offer.

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It’s because we’re so in-depth in our matching process of candidate to role, that our success rate is so high and no doubt why we’ve become one of the go-to companies for those looking for Berlin based IT jobs.

If you’d like more information on our candidates available or if you’re looking for a specific IT role, please do feel free to contact us today via info@simonb71.sg-host.com.