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Whether you choose to reference the MP3 or the first fully automated computer by Conrad Zuse, when it comes to the IT sector in Germany, it’s clear to see that innovative talent has long originated from this sector and it continues to do so to this day.

Join Germany’s Growing IT Industry

You may be surprised to learn that the IT sector in Germany is actually considered one the most innovative not just in Europe, but globally too. Don’t believe us? The stats speak for themselves with Germany having a whopping 4.6% of the global ICT turnover in 2014 alone making it the world’s 4th largest IT market.

In fact around 12% of the current international patent applications within IT are actually filed from German based companies.

Long & Short Term IT Job Roles

Being such a hub within the IT sector, it’s no surprise then that Germany offers some amazing prospects for IT professionals. The IT sector alone employs around 960,000 people and boasts revenues of more than €63.3 billion and it certainly won’t be stopping there.

Innovation and a faster pace of change is what Germany is known for which is no doubt why so many IT professionals choose Germany as their base when in search of their next career move.

Long-Term Prospects For German IT Industry

German based IT companies are the second largest employer in the country, putting it ahead of the automotive and electrical industries. This little fact only highlights the incredible prospects for IT professionals in the country and why so many of our job seekers are inquiring about IT Jobs in Germany specifically.

While the chances of being able to work in a leading, international IT company are indeed favourable, we believe it’s our work behind the scenes that give your future roles longevity. Here at Nerd IT, we don’t simply match any IT professional with any IT company.

We look at the company itself, how it operates, whom it operates with, along with the type of people who thrive within the environment they provide. We then look at the industry leading candidates we have on offer and match the best candidate to that specific role.

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At Nerd IT, we like to go that extra step and really get to know both employers and future employees to really create the perfect match. It’s this extra, behind the scenes work, that’s no doubt responsible for our high success rates. So if you’re looking for an IT job in Germany or perhaps even have any IT job to offer in Germany, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via