Part Time & Full Time IT Jobs

IT Recruitment Edinburgh a specialist service provided by Nerd IT. We have been sourcing and placing talented IT professionals in and around Scotland for a number of years. With a number of years behind us, we’ve unsurprisingly become the specialist go-to agency for IT recruitment in Edinburgh and the UK as a whole.

From permanent roles to contract positions, we have the ability and the portfolio to match the right candidate with the right role. We do so by delving into not only the role that companies wish to fill but also the companies themselves.

IT Jobs For All Levels Of Knowledge

We look at the needs of the employers, the skills and expertise required along with the company itself. This allows us to provide a candidate who’ll not only be able to fill the role but will thrive in the environment they’re going in to. By understanding your recruitment needs and of course, the expertise and skills you require allows us to place the right candidate with the right company at the right time.

It’s our willingness to provide such an in-depth service that has given us a reputation for having one of the highest success rates in the UK. Could you be in search of an outspoken candidate ready and willing to join your already loud and abrupt team? Or perhaps you’re looking for a quiet, softly spoken person to tackle a sensitive role? Regardless of what, or rather who, you’re after, our search extends far beyond that of a regular IT recruitment agency.

Your Needs Taken Into Account

While some may be satisfied with a local search for the ideal candidate. We’re only happy when we’ve found the perfect person for the role, and if that means searching globally, so be it. Likewise, with each candidate we take on, our search for the perfect position only ends when you’re happy. We’ll spend time with you individually to not only find out about your abilities and experience but your personality too.

Have dependents that require you to be a little flexible? Then we’ll take this into account when placing you in a role. Our recruiters will go out their way to place themselves quite literally in your shoes, and in doing so, we’ll ensure both candidate and employer needs are met each and every time.

Secure Your Role In The IT Industry

So, if you’re looking for the most professional IT recruitment services in Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or London we suggest you look no further. We do offer services for most of the UK please enquire online or call our team.

Here at Nerd IT, not only do we know IT, but we know what’s required and just what companies and candidates are looking for. If you’d like more information on our IT recruitment services then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.