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IT Recruitment Manchester by Nerd IT, a specialist in the field of IT Recruitment. Here at Nerd IT, we understand that when you need a highly-skilled and professional IT specialist, you need it fast. That’s why at Nerd IT, we provide you with the most highly skilled IT professional in the most efficient manner possible.

How do we do it? Well, we advertise heavily in order to find the perfect candidate; looking only for the highest calibre professionals that we know won’t just fill a space but will add value to your company. We know they’ll bring something special to the table and hit the ground running.

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We’re able to provide such a service thanks in part to our numerous years experience within the field. We know exactly what to look out for, from credentials to references and of course, that all-important gut feeling upon meeting someone but that’s not all. We know while someone may have the qualifications you’re looking for, they may still not be the perfect fit for your company. That’s exactly where we’re different to a lot of IT recruitment agencies in Manchester.

Before anything else, we do our best to get to know you, the company in search of a candidate. Why? Well, your company has its own ethos, its own aims and ambitions and in order to achieve those, you need the right people.

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Getting to know you and your company allows us to very carefully select the right person for each role, and of course, vice versa. We get to know what makes your company tick, what individuals have made their way into your office space already and thrived in the environment you provide, as well as looking at just how your company has grown already. All of this information is imperative to finding the ideal candidate for you.

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Regardless of whether you’re an employer or a candidate, our IT recruitment specialists here in Manchester will do their best to place themselves in your shoes, to really understand just what it is that you require. Recruitment from either aspect can be stressful but with Nerd IT, we aim to eliminate that entirely by providing you with an efficient, tailored service giving employers access to the very best candidates in the country and candidates access to the very best roles possible.

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Every day, we successfully place IT specialists in their perfect roles and we can do the same for you too. For more information on our IT recruitment services in Manchester, London or Edinburgh simply contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.